Qatar 12-15 May 2014

La Borghigiana from Firenzuola works in the sector of Pietra Serena with its own quarries and industrial processing plant, and announces its intention to take part in the “Project Qatar 2014” Exhibition that will be held in Doha, the Emirate capital, from 12th to 15th May 2014.

The decision to attend the exhibition is part of the expansion plans of La Borghigiana abroad, with special focus on the emerging and developing countries, and the Middle East is part of this group.

The Qatar Project 2014 exhibition is particularly interesting as it is held in an Emirate with a very high real estate development rate, in view of the international events that will be held there over the coming years, including the 2022 Football World Cup.

This exhibition is exclusively for the building sector and is the ideal opportunity to promote a material abroad that has been used since Etruscan times and extensively during the Renaissance in Florence. A historic material that deserves being promoted in the world on par with the excellence we see in Italian fashion, gastronomy and culture.


La Borghigiana presents its new image

Verona, 26_29 September 2012 – Hall 8 Stand B17

La Borghigiana attended Marmomacc 2012 to show its new image and pursue its plans to strengthen its corporate identity, to increase public awareness through research, products and communications, especially among architects. A strategy to demonstrate their vision of their brand as identity confirming and symbiotic of the original Pietra Serena from Firenzuola, firmly tied to the highest, purest and most traditional of Florence prestige, bearing the message of the excellent artistic heritage passed down by the expert use of this material through the centuries since the Italian renaissance in its architecture and sculpture.

This role is now entrusted to La Borghigiana Creative Lab, the “art-isan” centre that La Borghigiana created and constantly upgrades, to explore all the material, aesthetic and functional potential of Pietra Serena by means of experimentation and close cooperation with architects and artists.

Besides the forthcoming opening of the La Borghigiana Atelier, the showroom or, rather, the “Temple of the Material” that La Borghigiana will soon be inaugurating in Verona, Marmomacc 2012 is also another step along the journey to strengthen the brand reputation, as a landmark for original Pietra Serena, which is the best in the world for nature and tradition, embedded values of the material itself and their experience, knowledge and understanding of its design value: in short Pietra Serena is the ideal project material.

Light and shade, everything we need to grasp beauty in its purest form making everything else superfluous. Our stone was chosen by great masters from the Italian Renaissance period like Brunelleschi, Michelangelo and Vasari, to make Florence a worldwide symbol of aesthetic style, and today it once again

interprets the creative genius of contemporary architects, designers and artists.

Pietra Serena the ideal material for a

Nature theatre.


“Art-ifacts and readymade”

Carpi (MO), 14 September – 14 October 2012 – Galleria Alberto Pio 16/C

Natural things. Manmade things. A symbiosis since the beginning of time. Nature lives and is shaped by man and his genius, to satisfy his needs and pleasure throughout the civilisations, which are marked by the works of art, small, precious useful items inside a home, or majestic beautiful structures for the world to enjoy. A social journey along which, in the most elevated and constructive moments, man’s genius and method return, led by hand, to the natural nature of the material, giving it even more and deper essence. How? Digging into nature’s perennial creation, in the groove of “the nature of doing things”.  These principles of a poet who also defines the sense and value of creative experience tied to the artists Adolfo Lugli, Cesare Leonardi or exponents of the Fluxus movement, are all cornerstones for the “La Borghigiana Creative Lab” project, a laboratory of ideas that are embedded in the material. Because Pietra Serena is the material, in its pure complexity, and La Borghigiana Pietra Serena which is its essence, the identity of everything to do as a company and a patron of this “natural material”: from the care for the land and the sites, through to the culture and art-isan knowledge, that resides in each production, a synthesis of history and tradition.

The “Art-ifacts and Readymade” exhibition project, organized by Adolfo Lugli and Nadia Raimondi, included in the 2012 of the Philosophy Festival that will be held between Modena, Carpi and Sassuolo from 14th to 16th September dedicated this year to the topic “Things”, Philosophy Festival link download the Philosophy Festival programme, as part of a circuit of exhibitions and installations prepared for the event, is for La Borghigiana a mirror vision of its way of conceiving natural stone: make things which always start from and return to the prime sense of nature, which is the material itself. The material of objects, works of art, slabs, sculptures, constructions, that only the true awareness and knowledge of this material and its origins in the land and history are able to cultivate and model, with the spirit of being the keeper of an artisan knowledge which with the strength of time is in symbiosis with this material, Pietra Serena. With this spirit La Borghigiana wanted to sponsor the “Art-ifacts and Readymade” Exhibition, within this edition of the Philosophy Festival, dedicated to things and knowing how to make them.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Friday 14th September 18:30 and apart from the period of the Festival, the exhibition will remain open until 14th October in the Alberto Pio Gallery in Carpi. Download the invitation card and catalogue.

La Borghigiana for the Eera project

The highest quality is the fundamental requirement in choosing the materials to include in the Eera Project.

The natural stone used around the world is the result of continuous research and careful selection by the EERA experts. Once the materials have been identified, they are carefully processed in the internal laboratories to offer a complete range distinguished by a total quality guarantee for all the final applications.

La Borghigiana Pietra Serena encloses all those values of pureness, workability and excellent technical-physical properties which, combined with our experts’ unique know-how, experience and skill make it ideal for EERA uses. It represents an exclusive, essential and functional design choice true to the highest tradition of the synthesis of Art and Nature, as shown in the architectures, sculptures and decorations that have been expressing the style of this material since the Renaissance in the Tuscany region.

Pietra Serena Quarries

Our quarries are our strongpoint, by developing a number of lines we are able to obtain the highest quality Pietra Serena, and we can guarantee both the controls and its provenance.

Cutting edge machinery and highly qualified experts enable developing and improving on the traditional methods, for more effective extraction, to the benefit of higher quality standards and a constant supply of stone, meaning the end customer has an increasingly improved service.